Harlem: Black Metropolis

Harlem Renaissance
Harlem Renaissance: A Brief Introduction
Poetry and Prose of the Harlem Renaissance
The Harlem Renaissance

Manhattan History
Speakeasy Cafe

General History

General New York History

Origins and The Encounter between Native Amercians and Settlers
Index of Native American Resources on the Web

Immigration and the Lower East Side
The Street Necrology of the Lower East Side
Early African New York

Greenwich Village and the 1920s
John Reed, Day in Bohemia
Ann Meyers Free Love in Greenwich Village

Getting Around New York

Other Interesting Sites
Gotham Gazette (Public Policy and Citizen Organizing)

Official Links
NYCLink -The City's Office Web Site
New York - the State's Official Web Site
Parking - Alternate Side Parking Regulations Calendar

History Day

Images and Maps of New York City
Home Page: American Memory from the Library of Congress

Researching New York City History

The Revolution and Early Republic in New York

Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Heights


The Skyscraper and New York City Architecture
Empire State Building History

Seneca Village and Central Park
Seneca Village : Welcome to Seneca Village

Harlem Jazz and Music

New York Newspapers
New York Times - You'll need to set up password
P.T. Barnum's "Lost Museum"