Mapsites is a web based teaching tool that allows students to post historical presentations, personal essays, and creative writing onto an interactive map of their neighborhood.

Mapsites puts student writing on the map, literally. The student's writing assignment becomes part of a class project in which each student is writing for an audience that includes their teacher, their classmates, and maybe even their parents and their classmate's parents.

The site is ideal for American History and Urban history courses, as well as English courses in which creative writing or personal essay composition, or even photography, play a role. Any class which encourages students to think about their physical environment in terms of the past or the present could make excellent use of Mapsites.

What do I get when I use Mapsites?

A custom built Mapsites web page whose visual components relate specifically to your school, your class, you.

Consultation with a Mapsites representative on how to apply the Mapsites tool in a way that best serves your curriculum requirements. We also conduct writing workshops in the school.

A workshop on the technical aspect of Mapsites, as well strategies for introducing the tool to your students.

Continuous availability of Mapsites staff for technical support and for broad based discussion on how best to make the Mapsites tool suit the needs of your class. A powerful motivational tool for your students.

A permanent record of your class's written work.

How much does MAPSITES.NET cost?

We use a sliding scale in assesing our fee. The scale starts at 0. If you want to use MAPSITES.NET in your class, and you think you have the computer facilities - rudimentary, but necessary - get in touch.

Contact information:

Thomas Beller